An email has emerged as a vital tool for communication in both personal and professional contexts in the current digital era. However, protecting email data is now more difficult than ever due to the rising popularity of cloud-based email services like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Here comes Abnormal Security, a system created to protect cloud email. Abnormal Security’s sophisticated AI-powered threat detection tools may assist businesses in preventing targeted email threats, including phishing, business email compromise (BEC), and account takeover (ATO).

Abnormal Security can recognize and filter suspicious emails before they reach users’ inboxes using machine learning algorithms and behavioural data. In addition to real-time warnings and thorough event reports, this technology enables security teams to react swiftly to possible threats.

Abnormal Security provides a variety of features to improve cloud email security, including:

  • Protection against phishing: Abnormal Security’s AI engine can recognize and stop emails that try to steal sensitive data, such as passwords or credit card numbers.
  • Account takeover defence: Abnormal Security may stop illegal access to email accounts by tracking user activity and spotting irregularities.
  • Protection against BEC assaults: Abnormal Security’s platform can identify and stop BEC attacks, becoming more dangerous to businesses that depend heavily on email.
  • Compliance and data protection: By scanning email content and attachments for sensitive information, Abnormal Security assists firms in complying with data protection laws like GDPR and HIPAA.

In general, Abnormal Security is a crucial tool for businesses who wish to safeguard their cloud email from cutting-edge attacks. This platform can assist in preventing data breaches, financial loss, and reputational harm thanks to its sophisticated AI-powered features.

How Abnormal Security Makes Use of AI to Improve Email Security

The platform of Abnormal Security is based on AI technology, using machine learning algorithms and behavioural analytics to identify and stop email threats. Abnormal Security’s AI engine can find patterns and abnormalities that suggest possible security threats by evaluating vast amounts of data.

Abnormal Security’s AI, for example, can identify phishing emails with malicious links or attachments and flag them as possible dangers before they reach users’ inboxes. The technology can also identify and prevent account takeover (ATO) assaults when hackers access a user’s email account.

Overall, Abnormal Security’s AI technology allows them to keep ahead of developing threats while providing complete cloud email security.

Preventing Phishing, BEC, and ATO Attacks

The Abnormal Security platform offers a variety of tools to defend cloud email from various forms of threats.

Phishing Protection: The AI engine in Abnormal Security can identify and stop phishing emails, protecting users from falling prey to schemes that might compromise their personal or financial information.

BEC Protection: Abnormal Security can identify and prevent business email compromise (BEC) assaults, which target the financial assets of businesses and often utilize sophisticated social engineering strategies to trick users into transferring payments.

Abnormal Security analyses user activity and can identify and prevent account takeover (ATO) assaults, which occur when hackers obtain access to a user’s email account and use it to send spam or phishing emails.

The Compliance and Data Protection Aspects of Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security’s technology protects against email attacks and assists enterprises in meeting data protection standards such as GDPR and HIPAA. Abnormal Security may prevent data breaches and secure enterprises’ secret information by scanning email messages and attachments for sensitive information.

The company’s cloud email security offerings include Inbound Email Security; Email Account Takeover Protection; Abuse Inbox Automation; Email Productivity; and Security Posture Management.

The compliance and data protection capabilities of Abnormal Security may also assist firms in avoiding hefty penalties and reputational harm that might follow from data breaches.

Abnormal Security offers innovative solutions to help secure cloud email against threats, including phishing, BEC, and ATO assaults. In addition, abnormal Security is a complete platform for enterprises aiming to improve their cloud email security, thanks to AI technology, real-time warnings, and compliance and data protection features.

  • Organizations that use Abnormal Security may get the following advantages:
  • Capabilities for advanced threat detection and prevention
  • Alerts in real-time and incident response
  • Compliance and data security features
  • A platform that is simple to install and administer.

Abnormal Security’s Profitable Strategy

Abnormal Security is a cloud-native security solution that integrates with G Suite and Office 365 with a single click via an API, all without interrupting businesses’ typical email operations. In addition, clarified workforce and supply chain analysis allows a firm’s inner workings to be grasped.

The technology uses a data science methodology and behavioural AL to aid with email detection, protection, and response. It protects data across tenants and platforms and centralises data from many sources for in-depth analysis.

In addition, the Abnormal Security platform works in harmony with other cybersecurity technologies, so businesses may use the data made accessible by the Microsoft search APIs.


To better compete in the global email security industry, Abnormal Security wants to use the funds it has raised to expand its machine-learning artificial intelligence capabilities.

The business will also put resources into automating its Abuse Mailbox and providing a more individualized customer experience using artificial intelligence. In the future, the firm intends to go public and increase its presence in current and new markets.

Finally, due to the rising complexity of email threats, cloud email security is becoming a significant issue for people and enterprises. The platform of Abnormal Security offers comprehensive email security solutions that can assist in protecting cloud email from a variety of threats like phishing, BEC, and ATO assaults.

Abnormal Security is a platform that may help firms keep ahead of new risks and secure sensitive information by combining AI technology, real-time warnings, and compliance and data protection capabilities. Using Abnormal Security may give you piece of mind while protecting your organization’s cloud email against the most recent cyber threats.

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